New shop! 【H's CREAM】

Ichigo Yokosuka Port Market New Shop

The first store in the southern Kanto region!!

At H's CREAM, you can enjoy various types of sweets, and its representatives are the 'Japanese' creamy crepes. Most of the Japanese crepes are wrapped up and served with paper, so you can take them out and eat them while walking. You can find over 30 various kinds of crepes with fillings of fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolates, and even cakes or custard puddings. Too many to choose from!! Watching the crepes being baked is also interesting, so be sure to take a look.

Snow Ice, which is famous in Taiwan, is another featured dessert in H's CREAM. They have this special machine to make the milk-shaved ice soft and milky so that it melts in your mouth right away. Unlike shaved ice, H's CREAM's snow ice has lots of different flavors with various toppings, so you can enjoy them down to the one last scoop.

You also should try H's CREAM's Bubble (tapioca pearl) Tea. It is unique because they put the rich and thick cream which makes the tea mild and sweet. H's CREAM's original Bubble Tea is non-sugar but is tasty because of the cream.

Don't forget the fruity smoothies and milky soft-served ice cream using milk from Hokkaido. If you don't like sweet things, you can have light meal crepes. Sooo many to try!! You'll become a regular!!

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