The story about Japanese Crepe Culture

2024-06-11 The story about Japanese Crepe Culture

Japanese Food

Crepes first arrived in Japan in 1937 as a French dessert, and through time, it formed a unique culture.

Japanese crepes, unlike French crepes, have many toppings and it's covered with paper so you can eat them while walking. It has so many variations, more than 30 on average. Usually, you can choose the type of cream, sauce, and fruit, so it’s more like customizing your own sandwich at Subway. The crepe batter differs from shop to shop, some make them soft and glutinous while others make them crispy. There are also meal crepes, which are often filled with vegetables, meat, shrimp, and mayonnaise.

You can find crepe stalls at several places, especially downtown, shopping malls, and amusement parks. Shibuya and Harajuku are famous for having many crepe stores.

Recently, Japanese crepes have entered a new phase: the fillings are no longer just "fillings." Crepes are getting much bigger, topped with cakes, bread, and other sweets. You can enjoy the combination with crepe batter and other topping sweets. We can tell you that crepes are still a classic sweet loved by the Japanese.

You can enjoy delicious crepes at H’s CREAM (Yokosuka Port Market)