New shop!【Hire-katsu YANASE Branch】

YANASE Branch is a long-storied restaurant serving pork tenderloin cutlets and loin cutlets. They are well-known for their mouth-watering taste. The pork tenderloin cutlet, which can be cut with just chopsticks, is the signature dish, born from the founder's desire to bring smiles to all people's faces through delicious meals.

Since its establishment in 1949, YANASE Branch has continued to serve delicious and gentle pork tenderloin cutlets keeping its traditional taste.

The YANASE Branch also offers a wide selection of delectable dishes such as YANASE-style curry and rice with premium pork, and excellent curry and rice with freshly deep-fried tonkatsu (pork cutlet), so you will never get bored no matter how many times you visit them.

All combo meals come with rice, miso soup, small side dish, and fresh shredded local cabbage.

Have a fantastic dining experience at the Hire-katsu YANASE Branch.

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