New shop! 【PINO GRILL-Yokosuka Port Market】

PINO GRILL is an Italian restaurant also boasting grilled dishes such as steaks and hamburgers served on a piping hot iron plate. The chef, who has trained in many European countries has the culinary expertise to provide exquisite and authentic cuisine.

In addition to the traditional pizza and pasta, PINO GRILL offers tempting lighter meals such as Philadelphia steak cheese sandwiches and poutine. For dessert don't miss the restaurant's scrumptious cheesecake!

The curved terracotta walls make the restaurant a relaxing and comfortable space despite its location in the market. On the day of the sunset live performance you will be entertained while you sample the delicious food because the restaurant faces the stage and terrace of the Port Market. On a fine day, you can dine on the terrace while looking out at the ocean. PINO GRILL is the most well-located restaurant in the Port Market!

It was started by the owner from Yokosuka who wanted to offer people varied selection of delectable meat dishes. Soak in the warm, relaxing atmosphere and enjoy an authentic meal prepared with love and care.

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