New shop! 【mam & kids salon Yui】

"Yui" comes from the Kanji "結" which means link, connect, or bond in Japanese. "mam & kids place Yui" is the space for kids and parents where both can spend their time. It is difficult for parents to have their own time, especially when their kids are small. Yui has a playroom and cafe spaces in the same facility. If you need some time to focus on yourself or rest, the staff could take care of your kids and play with them. All the staff have child raising experience. The cafe space has free wi-fi and electrical power, so you can focus on work or watch your favorite movie. The customers are all mommies and daddies who have small kids, so you might find some friends to talk with. You can even use the space to make time to chat with your friends.

No reservation is needed. They have non-Japanese regular customers. You can bring your own food and drink (Drink one-order system for adults). A healthy and delicious menu including lunch plates and coffee/tea is available (extra fee).
Age range: Kids before entering elementary school

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