New shop! [Hyakunen no Mori Izakaya Bar & Restaurant]

Only a three-minute walk from Keikyu Kurihama Station, Hyakunen no Mori is a delightful izakaya bar and restaurant. It celebrates the natural bond between us and the land by sourcing local produce for local consumption.

All vegetables and seafood are locally produced and only foods unavailable in the local area are sourced elsewhere.

With a focus on natural and organic foods, the izakaya offers dishes made with a stock made from kombu (kelp seaweed) and bonito flakes. Despite avoiding cheaper artificial ingredients and seasonings, the prices are extremely reasonable.

In his search for the finest quality sake, the owner himself visits many notable sake breweries and selects only junmai (pure rice) sake and authentic shochu (Japanese distilled spirit). The izakaya also has a selection of fine wines including a unique plum wine delicately flavored with shiso leaves.

Snacks made with seasonal ingredients and seasoned with organic seasonings complement these traditional Japanese drinks.

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