New shop! 【SHIRANEYA Izakaya Bar & Restaurant】

The owner of Shioraneya izakaya bar and restaurant adores fishing. If you wish, you can join him and catch your own fish! Fresh fish is served when the sea isn't too rough for him to fish, otherwise it's sourced from local fishing ports.

The Sashimi, thinly sliced fresh fish, is especially delicious. Meat dishes such as Beef Tataki (lightly roasted beef), Yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers), and Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) are also great favourites.

Shiraneya is located in the Wakamatsu Market near Keikyu Yokosuka-chuo Station. You will also be able to enjoy four unique cocktails that originated in the market known as ‘Yokosuka Brager’ (‘Brager’ is brandy and ginger ale). The lemon sour with sliced frozen lemon is deliciously refreshing.

This izakaya bar and restaurant is highly recommended for fish lovers looking for a meal or for anyone looking for a place to relax, enjoy a drink and sample savory yakitori and other scrumptious snacks.

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