Monthly Feature Story-July 2021-Summer Greeting Postcards

2021-07-12 Monthly Feature Story-July 2021-Summer Greeting Postcards

Cultural Tips-Summer Greeting Postcards

It is quite hot and humid in summer in Japan, isn't it?

In this season, we send summer greeting postcards to our parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances, to wish them good health during the scorching summer and update them on how things are going.

Usually, these postcards have summery designs such as morning glories, gold fish and wind chimes, and begin being sent once the rainy season is over.

Receiving a cool-looking summer greeting postcard is like a refreshing breeze blowing in amid the boiling heat, and shares an intimacy which can't be matched by an email.

How would you like to send a summer greeting postcard this summer?

Summer greeting postcards with cool illustrations are available at any post office. Japan Post Holding Co., Ltd sells them with different designs every year, as well as special stamps. You can find a wider variety of postcards at stationery stores.