How to Order at a Ramen Restaurant

2024-01-24 How to Order at a Ramen Restaurant

Cultural Tips

Ramen restaurants in Japan often have a unique way of ordering. If you don’t see any cash counter and you see a ticket machine near the entrance, the restaurant is a ticket order style.

Before you take a seat, you buy a ticket for whatever you may eat. That means that you have to choose what you’re gonna have right away after you enter. After you buy a ticket, you may pass it to the staff and take a seat.

Ramen restaurants tend to be a place where you spend time just for eating. That’s why many ramen restaurants only have counter seats.

Another surprise is that some Japanese people often order ramen with rice. It’s not crucial yet a common way that after you eat ramen, you put some soup on rice and eat it all. It is another way to enjoy ramen.

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