What is Yakitori??

2024-04-23 What is Yakitori??

Cultural Tips

Yakitori is a Japanese food that means “grilled chicken.” It is referred to as a food which is small bite-size meat on a stick. The price is 100 to 300 per stick on average. Vegetable sticks are also popular.

Yakitori culture started in the Heian period, but at that time it was only when they cooked that the meat was on sticks, and took off the stick when they provided it. However, in the Edo period, when food stalls became popular, people started to serve on sticks and since people could eat while walking, it became popular.

Yakitori is usually seasoned with salt (shio) or sweet sauce (tale). You can choose as you like for each stick. Some people take off from the stick when they eat, but it is said that eating directly from the stick is better because it doesn’t let the juice escape, and it protects the meat from getting cold.

At the Yakitori restaurants, you might find a tubular cup on the table. You put the used sticks in the cup.

Yakitori goes well with the well-chilled beer. This is why most Yakitori restaurants are also called 'Izakaya.' Easy to eat, affordable, and delicious Yakitori is loved by many Japanese people.

Yakitori restaurants at Yokosuka area