News!【Special Offer from With Produce Co., Ltd】

On-site photography services for group groups and companies, including profile photos

Have you ever heard that a person's appearance is determined in three seconds?
You might taking care about your usual appearance, but what about your profile pictures?
Why don't you take this opportunity to have your profile pictures professionally taken to enhance your image?

【Limited Offer】
Now, trial individual photo shoot for profile: 25,000 yen for 1 hour ⇒ 2,000 yen per person (payment on the day)

For groups of more than 10 people.
First photo downloading for free!
*500 yen per extra photos (pay online).

The delivery will be made in about two days after the shooting.
You can get digital version from a dedicated site with a high level of privacy protection.

【Photography Service】
Snapshots: 28,000 yen per an hour, 10,000 yen per extra hours.
More than 200 shots are taken for events, parties, reunions, school photos, etc.

Various types of photography: 28,000 yen per hour, 10,000 yen per extra hours.
Profile photos and promotional photos: 10 or more shots
At least 10 shots for store and product photography, food photography, architectural photography, and portrait photography.

Certificate photo: 28,000 yen per an hour, 10,000 yen per extra hours.
School certification, employee ID, various IDs
Up to 30 people can be photographed in one hour.
Background paper: white or light blue

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