Monthly Feature Story - November 2023 - Taiyaki

2023-11-06 Monthly Feature Story - November 2023 - Taiyaki

Japanese food - Taiyaki

Taiyaki are fish-shaped baked cakes, which are very much like waffles. The traditional filling is a smooth or chunky sweet red bean paste. However, these days several other delicious fillings are becoming extremely popular. White bean paste, custard, matcha, chocolate cream, and cream cheese are amongst the scrumptious fillings available to sample.

There are also seasonal exclusive taiyaki. For example, taiyaki filled with cherry blossom paste in spring, and taiyaki with sweet potato or chestnut paste in fall.

Taiyaki are baked on a griddle, so you can have fresh hot taiyaki if you request it.

The Japanese word for good luck is "medetai." It is said that the name "taiyaki" stems from that. Tai or sea bream is also a special fish for Japanese people and has long been popular as a good-luck charm.

So, should we eat it head first, tail first, or even split it in half? Those are the questions we ask, but, don't worry, it will definitely bring you good luck no matter where or how you eat it!